On journalism and conflict

Wildlife Conservation in the Central African Republic

This is a reblog of an article I wrote for the National Geographic Nederland/België website. That article was in Dutch, which left some room for me to post the first … Continue reading

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Battle of the (Birthday) Books

IT WAS MY birthday last week and my parents fretted over presents as I had proclaimed no wishes – but they also forbade me to mention dearly-sought-after books or other … Continue reading

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Fortes Penées pour Charlie

#JeSuisCharlie I’M NOT USUALLY one for the changing of profile pictures or the adding of buttons in matters of tragedies, disasters, or other events that sprout online/social media support. Such displays … Continue reading

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WHEN YOU READ THIS, WE ARE FAR AWAY It’s what artists, idealists, PEOPLE, wrote on the Berlin Wall X years ago. The Wall came down, 25 years ago. Music which … Continue reading

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On #warjournalism, cold feet and Tintin: From the Cutting Room Floor

I WAS ASKED to write an opinion piece on what I have come to call “war-journalism-in-times-of-ISIS”. I was asked to do so by editors from my old university newspaper, who … Continue reading

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In Which I Was On Fire: on #warjournalism, cold feet and Tintin

TWO WEEKS AGO, De Observant, the university newspaper I worked for while doing my undergrad in Maastricht, published this article: “War journalism: who would dare to take that on?” Its lead reads: “With … Continue reading

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The Green Posts (1)

On some things that I am “wild” about. AS I HAVE SLAVED away to the ungiving deadline of August 27 (yes, I could have started earlier or been more efficient … Continue reading

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Blogged Off

A QUICK NOTE that is already overdue but might excuse my absence over the next three to four weeks: I’M WRITING MY DISSERTATION, meaning that most of my writing is … Continue reading

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Tracing Migration

I AM currently working on my dissertation – hence the lack of new posts, as I am trying to save up the words of/with meaning for that feat of which … Continue reading

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IT’S WHAT I OFTEN whine about when reading a newspaper. Following Jake Lynch’s Peace Journalism theory (for what I wrote earlier, see here), it seems easy to reproach journalists for not … Continue reading

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